Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Components Co., Ltd.
About Changjiang Hydraulic

Changjiang Hydraulic is an expert hydraulic component supplier, the history of which can be traced back to 1937. We are committed to providing reliable hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic systems. Customers are welcome to give us their drawings or samples to customize their own hydraulic drive systems.
The hydraulic products we make are mainly applied in excavators, forklifts, cranes, and other construction machineries.

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Valve/Pump Body Casting
a. We adopt the internationally advanced automatic static pressure molding production line and electric furnace smelting technique to improve the quality of castings.
b. Metal mold is used for casting. Besides, we adopt high-quality high-strength pre-coated sand inside the passage of core body to increase the strength and decrease the gas evolution.
c. Exterior of the pump/valve body is casted from shell-shaped workpieces to ensure its beauty.

a. The slide valve hole of the valve body adopts internationally advanced CNC honing machine for hole drilling.
b. The exterior of the valve is processed with imported high-precision grinding machine.
c. The throttling groove of the slide valve is machined by high-speed vertical processing center.
d. High-precision CNC cylindrical grinding machine is employed to guarantee the precision of the shaft and surface of the valve.
e. We use a homemade machine to deburr the gears.

3. Finishing and Assembly
a. Deburring and ultra-fine processing is done with homemade machine.
b. The hydraulic valves and pumps are cleaned under the combination of high pressure and ultrasound.
c. A sealed assembly room is used for assembling valves and pumps.
d. The products have to be tested on a digital testbed.
e. The test fluid should be checked regularly to ensure their cleanliness.
f. Sand blasting technique is employed for our products.

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