Hydraulic Gear Pump, CBG-Fa2 Series

Hydraulic Part, Hydraulic Pump for Dump Truck, Hydraulic Pump for Loader, Forklift Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Pump for Excavator

CBG-F2, CBG-Fa2 series high-pressure hydraulic gear pump is a newly developed product in Changjiang Hydraulic as a replacement for CBG2 gear pump. Its mounting dimension is the same with that of CBG2 series. But the working pressure and performance of CBG-Fa2 is superior.

Hydraulic pump for loader, hydraulic pump for forklift, as well as other engineering machineries

Model Description of CBG - Fa2100/2 050-A1AL
Model Meaning
CB gear pump
G serial code
F floating pressure plate
a a -needle bearing
2 group code
100 displacement for single or shaft end pump (ml/r): 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100
2 cover end pump group (multiple pump only)
050 displacement for cover-end pump (ml/r) (multiple pumps only): 32,40,50,63,80,100
A mounting flanges: A-square flange, inch system; B-square flange, metric system
1 shafts: 1-straight keyed (single pump only) 2-square spline 3-involute spline 4-8X36 (CBG-Fa2) double straight keyed
A inlet port (single pump omitted) A-one inlet port B-two inlet ports
L rotation: L-counterclockwise R-clockwise
Technical Parameters
Model Theoretical displacement (ml/r) Pressure (MPa) Rotate speed (r/min) Working oil (mm2/s) Oil temp. (℃) Filtration accuracy (um) Volumetric efficiency (%) Input power (kw) Weight (kg)
rated max rated min max
CBG-Fa2032 32 25 28 2000 500 2500 20-74 -20-80 ≤25 ≧90 29.6 21.5
CBG-Fa2040 40.6 37.6 22
CBG-Fa2050 50.3 46.6 22.8
CBG-Fa2063 63.6 58.9 23.4
CBG-Fa2080 80.4 20 25 59.6 24.5
CBG-Fa2100 100.7 16 20 59.7 26
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