Hydraulic Gear Pump, GPL4 Series

Hydraulic Accessory, Hydraulic Pump for Excavator, Hydraulic Pump for Mining, Hydraulic Pump for Bulldozer

GPL4 series hydraulic gear pump is a new generation of 25MPa hydraulic unit developed to adapt to the current medium/high pressure host system. Its displacement ranges from 80ml/r to 160ml/r. Basing on the computer programming and the finite element analysis technique, we choose the optimal design parameters to improve the working pressure of gear pump, to lower the noise during running, and to sustain the pressure stability and output efficiency.

Besides, we adopt imported needle bearing and high-strength cast iron housing to enhance the gear pump’s service life and impact resistance. The hydraulic gear pump can be used in serial.

Hydraulic systems for engineering machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, etc.

1. The hydraulic pump features monolithic structure: it adopts the pure radial fluid pressure on the low voltage side of local equilibrium technology, nodular cast iron pump body and double row needle roller bearings, and coated side panels. The pumps can be used in serial.
2. The front cover can be divided into two parts: flange and front cover, among which the front cover is a common part. This gear pump is a replacement for CB-***E, CBG3, CBG4, CBL4, CBL5, and CBG2.
3. The patented technique, the double row needle roller bearings, the coated side panel, accompanied with the pump body guarantees that Changjiang Hydraulic gear pump is more competitive than others.

Model Description of GPL4 100- B2R
Model Meaning
GP gear pump
L serial code
4 group code
100 displacement (ml/r): 80, 100, 125, 140, 160
B mounting flanges: A- square flange, inch system; B- square flange, metric system
2 shafts: 1- straight keyed (single pump only) 2- square spline 3- involute spline (metric system) 4- involute spline (inch system)
R rotation: L- counterclockwise R- clockwise
Technical Parameters
Model Theoretical displacement(ml/r) Pressure Rotate speed Working oil Filtration accuracy Working oil temp. (℃) Volumetric efficiency (%)
rated max rated max
GPL4080 82.4 28 30 2000 2500 20-74 hydraulic oil ≤ 25 -20-80 ≥90
GPL4180 101.8 25 28
GPL4125 125.2
GPL4140 139.5 23 25
GPL4160 160.4 20 23
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