Hydraulic Gear Motor, CMK1 Series

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CMK1 series hydraulic gear motor is an actuating component in hydraulic system, incorporating high-strength aluminum alloy housings and DU bearings with high loading capacity. It features high pressure, wide speed range, various displacement options, simple structure, reliable performance and easy maintenance. CMK1 series hydraulic motor can rotate for single-direction or dual-direction. In the case of one-direction rotation, safety valve is available for option.

Hydraulic systems for engineering machinery, mining machinery, lifting machinery, and transportation machinery, etc.

1. The hydraulic gear motor is equipped with imported oil seal, combined seal, and whole bushing. It is excellent for beautiful exterior, small starting torque (≤2.5NM), high impact resistance, high efficiency (92%), low noise, and high working pressure.
The air conditioning/fan motor series employs driving gear and shaft broken structure. It is capable of bearing a certain range of radial force and axial force. The oil seal is imported from reliable supplier. The max allowable pressure the motor is able to bear is 1MPa. Combined (PTFE + rubber) seal structure is adopted for W ring to reduce the start torque and to improve the assembly pass rate.

Model Description of CM K 10 16/ B 1 A-V L
Model Meaning
CM gear motor
K serial code
10 group code
16 displacement (ml/r): 4,6,8,10,12,16,20,25
B mounting flanges: B- rhombic flange C- rectangle flange
1 shafts: 1- straight keyed (single pump only) 2- square spline 3- involute spline 4- taper and thread
A oil port connection A: flange port B: flange port (single direction rotation only) C: flange port D: thread port
V V-with safety valve (single direction only) without valve- omitted
L rotation: L- counterclockwise R-clockwise S- dual direction
Technical Parameters
Model Theoretical displacement(ml/r) Pressure (MPa) Safe valve (MPa) Speed Theoretical torque (N. m) Volumetric efficiency (%) weight (kg)
rated max rated max min
CMK1004 4.25 16 20 10-21 2000 3000 600 10.82 ≥ 85% 5
CMK1006 6.4 16.3 5.1
CMK1008 8.1 20.63 5.2
CMK1010 10 25.46 5.3
CMK1012 12.6 32.09 5.4
CMK1016 15.9 40.49 5.6
CMK1020 19.9 50.77 5.7
CMK1025 25 63.66 6.1
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