Multi-way Directional Control Valve, DC Series

Hydraulic Control Valve, Pressure Control Valve, Hydraulic Valve for Loader, Hydraulic Valve for Crane

DC series multi-way directional control valve is a hydraulic valve we have newly designed basing on other advanced hydraulic systems for engineering machinery. It features chip structure, small volume, and complete functions. The oil channels are available in both parallel and serial type to supply oil for single pump or double pump. Multi-stage pressure system is set to control the oil channel. The valve unit is easy to be mounted, with the slide valve to be arbitrarily extended at any end. The end of the slide valve is available in both forked and tongue structures. In addition to the existing common functions, our DC series hydraulic valve has also been equipped with G-type, R-type, W-type and other special functions. It is able to control 10 working structures simultaneously, supporting various applications powerfully.

Hydraulic system for truck crane, bulldozer, heavy-load forklift, loader, pile driver, and other construction, metallurgy, agriculture, and plastics machineries

1. Valve body: sectional valve body which can be composed to multi-valve groups with the valve to be no more than 10 sets
2. Large flow: DC32 is a patented multi-way hydraulic sectional valve with the largest drift diameter among the existing models
3. High versatility: DC valve system is a sectional multi-way valve owing the most comprehensive functions. It can be modified as necessary
4. High precision: precise 2-3mm operation can be realized for crane
5. Oil channel: available both in serial or parallel form; for distributing loop for single or double pumps
6. Sliding valve: there are in total 14 types of slide valve functions available, with G, R, and W special function included
7. Installation way: the sliding valve can be slid off the end arbitrarily, with fork-shaped and tongue-shaped available; various styles like flange and thread are prepared for oil ports
8. Control method: manually or hydraulically
9. Load keeping: each joint is designed with one-way valve for load keeping and pressure reducing
10. Additional valve: users can mount overload valve or oil fill valve in any outlets at the same time
11. Access function: an access function or external oil port can be realized by equipping the valve with an intermediate valve block
12. Applications: Hydraulic drive system for cranes, bulldozers, heavy-duty forklifts, pile driver, loaders and other machineries

Unique Advantages
DC series multi-way hydraulic valve is designed with excellent load sensing technique.

Technical Parameters
Drift diameter (mm) Nominal pressure Nominal flow (L/min) Max flow (L/min) Allowable back pressure Working oil
E F G H Temperature range (℃) Viscosity range (mm2 /s) Filtration accuracy (um)
20 16 20 25 31.5 100 150 ≤3 -20~+80 10~400 ≤10
25 200 300
32 250 400
Weight (KG)
Model 1-valve 2-valve 3-valve n-valve
DC20 20.5 28.5 36.5 12.5+8n
DC25 37 49 61 25+12n
DC32 54 72 90 36+18n
Drift diameter (mm) Pilot hydraulic pressure (MPa) Pressure range of safety valve and secondary pressure valve R type characteristics
E F G H start pressure < 1.3
20, 25, 32 0.5~2.4 4~16 6~20 8~25 10~31.5
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