Multi-Way Directional Control Valve, CDB Series

Hydraulic Valve for Excavator, Hydraulic Control Valve, Loader Valve, Hydraulic Control Valve for Forklift, Hydraulic Control Valve for Crane

Changjiang Hydraulic has developed CDM series multi-way directional control valve on the basis of the existing hydraulic systems of 1-10t forklift, small loader, and small excavator. CDM series is characterized by comprehensive functions, excellent performance, compact structure, high reliability, and easy maintenance.

Hydraulic system for forklift, loader, garbage truck, excavator, and other cranes, mining, and transport machineries.

The inner valve body is of high smoothness, allowing for little pressure loss and large oil flow. The hydraulic valve features small leakage (high precision of inner hole), easy operation, high precision, and flexible safety valve.

Model Description of CDB-F 15 He-A 20 T -1 Z
Model Meaning
CDB multi-way directional control valve
F nominal pressure (MPa): E=16 F=20 G=25
15 nominal drift diameter (mm): 10, 15, 22
He first block code: ※ U: inlet body for Z port with M16X1.5 He: inlet and outlet body for Z port with M16X1.5 Hh: inlet and outlet body with right angle connector M16X1.5 Hh1: inlet and outlet body for Z port with M16X1.5 Hh1: inlet body for Z port with M16X1.5 HG: inlet body for Z port with G1/4 Δ U: double pump inlet body for Z port with ZG3/8 D: inlet and outlet body without single way flow stabilizing valve D1: inlet body without single way flow stabilizing valve
A spool function parallel: O, Ox, R, A, Y serial-parallel combination: O, Ox, R, A, Y
20 additional valve for working port (A, B): 0- without first port (marked); 00- without second port (omitted); 1- secondary pressure valve; 2- overload valve (with make-up valve)
T positioning and returning mode: T- spring returning; W- ball returning; F- recoiling return
1 shape and position of spool end 1: tongue shaped; End B 2: fork shaped; End B
Z Z- with operation support omitted if no requirement; (no support for drift diameter of 20, 22)
Technical Parameters
Nominal drift diameter (mm) 15 20 22
Nominal flow (L/min) 80 160 200
Nominal pressure (mpa) E F E F G E F G
16 20 16 20 25 16 20 25
Pressure range of relief valve (mpa) 8~20 8~25 8~25
Pressure range of steering relief valve (mpa) 3~10 8~20 8~20
Steering flow output range (L/min) 11~16 22~32 22~32
Overload valve pressure range (including secondary pressure valve) (Mpa) 6.3~22 8~28 8~28
Allowable back pressure (Mpa) 2
R spool control pressure difference (Mpa) < 2
Working oil temp. range (℃) viscosity range(mm2/s) filtration accuracy (um)
-20~+80 10~400 < 10
Weight model 1-valve 2 -valve 3-valve N -valve
CDB15 8.8 11.6 14.9 5+3.3N
CDB20 16.7 23.7 30.7 9.7+7N
CDB22 16.9 24.1 31.3 9.7+7.2N
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