Multi-way Directional Control Valve, Z Series

Hydraulic Valve, Hydraulic Valve for Loader, Hydraulic Control Valve for Excavator

Z series multi-way directional sectional valve is a combination of directional valves, safety valves, and several auxiliary valves. It can be integrated into multi-way valve group with 10 valves at most. This hydraulic control valve shows good performance in high pressure, compact structure, great safety valve properties, and high reliability. Each joint of the valve is equipped with a one-way valve. According to users’ needs, we can mount overload valve or oil fill valve between any of the working and backing channels. The valve can be combined into parallel, serial or parallel strings oil complex. Besides, there are a variety of positioning, pressure reducing and control manners available. The valve group is able to supply oil for other structures through bridge or oil pot.

Z series hydraulic directional control valve is mainly used for the hydraulic drive system of loader over ZL40, multi-function loaders, small excavators, hoist and conveyor system, mining machinery, agricultural machinery or other machineries, to realize centralized control for various executive structures.

The inner valve body is of high smoothness, allowing for little pressure loss and large oil flow. The hydraulic valve features small leakage (high precision of inner hole), easy operation, high precision, and flexible safety valve.

Model Description of Z L 15 H - O 4 T M 6 T J - Zx
Model Meaning
Z multiple directional control valve
L thread connection
15 Nominal drift diameter: 15, 20, 25
H pressure grade and inlet and outlet positions (see table1)
O spool function and oil circuit mode
4 auxiliary valves on port A and port B
T control and positioning and returning modes
M see table
6 see table
T see table
J oil returning mode: outlet valve body omitted; J- interim valve block
Zx please refer to the instructions
Technical Parameters
Model Nominal drift diameter Nominal pressure Nominal flow Allowable back pressure Working oil Weight
temp. range (℃) viscosity range (mm2 /s) filtration accuracy (um) 1-valve 2-valve N-valve
ZL15 15 31.5 63 ≦25 -20~+80 10~400 ≦10 12.4 17.7 7.1+5.3n
ZL20 20 100 20 27.5 12.5 
ZL25 25 160 29.2 42.8 15.6+13.6n
model nominal diameter (mm) pilot pressure (Mpa) pressure range of relief valve, overload valve or secondary pressure valve (Mpa) opening pressure of make-up valve (Mpa)
ZL15 15 0.5~2.5 4~16 6~20 8~25 10~32 ≦0.2
ZL20 20
ZL25 25
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