Multi-way Directional Control Valve, LBF Series

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Basing on the internationally advanced load sensing and flow distribution technique, accompanied with the typical features of hydraulic systems used for engineering machinery, Changjiang Hydraulic has developed the LBF series multi-way directional valve, which has won us a patent. LBF (means flow proportion allocation) is our registered trademark.

LBF series products have been examined by bench tests and actual construction tests, confirming that their performance have reached the internationally advanced level. They are extensively applied in the hydraulic systems of various engineering machineries like excavators and cranes. LBF series control valve is distinguished for accurate flow distribution, excellent anti-interference ability, precise control, and high efficiency.

The LBF14 proportional flow distribution multi-way valve allows for a max actuator side pressure of 30MPa. The flow for oil inlet is 175L/min, and for the turning point, the flow is 120L/min. With the adoption of LBF anti-flow saturation technique, the flow will have nothing to do neither with the load or the pressure. When the total flow the pump can provide is insufficient for the flow requirements of the executive body, the flow of each joint will be reduced. For LBF22/LBF25 directional control valve, the max pressure of loaded side is 42MPa, and the rated flow is 400L/min. The closed loop is used for variable pump, featuring great response characteristic, load pressure compensation, and high precision. The multi-way directional control valve is mainly applied in small excavator and loader.

LBF series product are widely used for cranes whose capacity is larger than 10t, as well as excavators, digging machines, helical diggers, marine machinery and other mechanical devices. It is especially ideal for multi-structured combination machinery.

1. High precision of flow distribution (3-5%)
2. Good performance of anti-jamming (independent load control for different actuators)
3. High control accuracy (1mm)
4. High efficiency
5. Adapt to various systems and different control modes
6. Excellent ratio property
7. The single hydraulic pump can meet the pressure and flow requirements in multiple loops.

Model Description of LBF 25 -5 -1
Model Meaning
LBF proportional flow distribution load-sensing valve
25 nominal drift diameter (mm): 14, 22, 25
5 multiple number of working (specific functional requirements are identified by the host requirements)
1 number of specific design
Technical Parameters
Model Nominal pressure (Mpa) Max flow (L/min) Pilot pressure (Mpa) Additional valve set pressure (Mpa) Working oil
temp. range (℃) filtration accuracy (um) viscosity range (mm2/s)
LBF14 31.5 175 0.6~2.5 upon clients' request -20~+80 ≤10 10-400
LBF22 31.5 400 0.6~2.5
LBF25 31.5 500 0.6~2.8
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