Pilot Valve, WBF Series

Pressure Control Valve, Proportional Valve, Hydraulic Pilot Valve, Hydraulic Valve for Crane

WBF series pressure reducing proportional pilot control valve is a hydraulic control component developed for full-hydraulic excavators in the domestic industry. It is suggested to be operated gently to achieve sensitive and accurate control. The valve is of high reliability, easy maintenance, as well as good proportional control and secondary pressure reducing performance. Users are able to install and dismantle it conveniently. The wide output pressure range makes the valve applicable for various construction conditions. In addition, to make it more user friendly, we have designed a kind of easy-operated handle equipped with various control buttons for the valve. WBF hydraulic control valve is suitable for cranes and other large/middle sized engineering machineries.

Model Description of WBFa-E T M - L
Model Meaning
WBF pressure reducing proportional pilot control valve
a control form: electric control button omitted; a- with 1 electric control button
E A: 0.3~0.8mpa; B: 0.6~1.8mpa; C:0.8~2.2mpa; D:0.8~2.8mpa; E:0.6~2.4mpa; F:0.6~2.8mpa
T reset or positioning: T- reset by spring
M screw thread of oil ports: oil port M: M14X1.5; Oil port G: G1/4
L L- left control R- right control
Technical Parameters
Nominal pressure (Mpa) Max pressure (Mpa) Nominal flow (L/min) Max flow (L/min) Control pressure range (Mpa) Working oil Weight (kg)
3 5 10 16 0.3~0.8 temp. range filtration range viscosity range 5
0.8~2.8 -20~+80 ≤10 10~400
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