Pilot Valve, QBF Series

Proportional Pilot Control Valve, Hydraulic Pilot Control Valve, Hydraulic Valve for Excavator, Hydraulic Control Valve for Crane

QBF series pressure reducing proportional pilot valve is developed especially for the hydraulic system of full-hydraulic crane. It features small volume, multi electric control buttons (8 at most), easy operation, sensitive control, reliable performance, and convenient maintenance. This kind of hydraulic valve possesses great proportional control and excellent 2-stage pressure reducing capacity, making it applicable for different working environments. It is generally used for all kinds of medium and large construction machineries.

Model Description of QBF-E T M - 1F-2B-L
Model Meaning
QBF proportional pilot control valve for crane
E A: 0.3~0.8mpa; B: 0.6~1.8mpa; C:0.8~2.2mpa; D:0.8~2.8mpa; E:0.6~2.4mpa; F:0.6~2.8mpa
T reset or location: T- reset by spring
M screw thread of oil ports: oil port M: M14X1.5; oil port G: G1/4
1F code of the electric buttons front of the handle: OF -without button (omitted); 1F -with one button; 2F -with two buttons; 3F -with three buttons; 4F -with four buttons; 5F -with five buttons
2B code of the electric button back of the handle: OB -without button (omitted); 1B -with one button; 2B -with two buttons; 3B -with three buttons; 4B -with four buttons; 5B -with five buttons
L L- left control R- right control
Technical Parameters
Nominal pressure (Mpa) Max pressure (Mpa) Nominal flow (L/min) Max flow (L/min) Control pressure range (Mpa) Working oil
3 5 10 16 0.3~0.8 temperature range filtration range viscosity range
0.8~2.8 -20~+80 ≤10 10~400
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