Pilot Valve, B Series

Pilot Operated Relief Valve, Hydraulic Pilot Control Valve, Hydraulic Valve for Excavator, Hydraulic Valve for Forklift

Employing the technique introduced from Liebherr (a world leading excavator manufacturer in Germany), B series pressure reducing proportional control valve is designed especially for applications in excavator and other construction machineries. With the good properties of easy operation, sensitive control, reliable performance, and convenient maintenance, B series hydraulic valve is an ideal for the proportional hydraulic control of large/middle sized machineries.

Changjiang Hydraulic has prepared 6 fixed models for imported machines. They are also suitable for the construction equipment in Chinese industry. Among B series valves, B2 model is sectional type, with each section equipped with a handle and 2 control ports. Operators can apply up to 10 valves in serial at a time.

Model Description of B 2-B T G
Model Meaning
B pressure reducing proportional pilot control valve
2 control elements and ports: 1- without control elements, with one control part; 2- one handle, two control ports (multi combination styles)
B pressure control range: A: 0.3~0.8mpa; B: 0.6~1.8mpa; C: 0.8~2.2mpa; D: 0.8~2.8mpa; E: 0.6~2.4mpa; G: 0.5~2MPa
T reset or positioning: T- reset by spring
G port thread size: G: G1/4 M: M14X1.5
Technical Parameters
Nominal pressure (Mpa) Max flow (L/min) Pressure control range (Mpa)
3 16 A 0.3~0.8
B 0.6~1.8
C 0.8~2.2
D 0.8~2.8
E 0.6~2.4
G 0.5~2
temperature range (℃) viscosity range (mm2/s) filtration range (um)
Working oil -20~+80 10~400 ≤10
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