Pilot Valve

Hydraulic Control Valve, Proportional Pilot Control Valve, Pilot Operated Valve for Excavator

    1. Pilot Valve, WBF Series WBF series pressure reducing proportional pilot control valve is a hydraulic control component developed for full-hydraulic excavators in the domestic industry. It is suggested to be operated gently to achieve sensitive and accurate control. The valve is of high reliability, easy maintenance, as well as good proportional control and secondary pressure reducing performance.
    1. Pilot Valve, QBF Series QBF series pressure reducing proportional pilot valve is developed especially for the hydraulic system of full-hydraulic crane. It features small volume, multi electric control buttons (8 at most), easy operation, sensitive control, reliable performance, and convenient maintenance.
    1. Pilot Valve, B Series Employing the technique introduced from Liebherr (a world leading excavator manufacturer in Germany), B series pressure reducing proportional control valve is designed especially for applications in excavator and other construction machineries.