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Multi-way Directional Control Valve

    1. Multi-way Directional Control Valve, DC Series DC series multi-way directional control valve is a hydraulic valve we have newly designed basing on other advanced hydraulic systems for engineering machinery. It features chip structure, small volume, and complete functions. The oil channels are available in both parallel and serial type to supply oil for single pump or double pump. Multi-stage pressure system is set to control the oil channel.
    1. Multi-way Directional Control Valve, ZS1 Series ZS series multi-way directional control valve is sectional combined type. It can be connected with 10 sets of valve group at most according to the actual applications. This kind of hydraulic valve is mainly used in engineering machinery, mining machinery, transport machinery and other mechanical hydraulic systems to change the flow direction and to achieve the centralized control of several executive bodies.
    1. Multi-Way Directional Control Valve, CDB Series Changjiang Hydraulic has developed CDM series multi-way directional control valve on the basis of the existing hydraulic systems of 1-10t forklift, small loader, and small excavator. CDM series is characterized by comprehensive functions, excellent performance, compact structure, high reliability, and easy maintenance.
    1. Multi-way Directional Control Valve, Z Series Z series multi-way directional sectional valve is a combination of directional valves, safety valves, and several auxiliary valves. It can be integrated into multi-way valve group with 10 valves at most. This hydraulic control valve shows good performance in high pressure, compact structure, great safety valve properties, and high reliability.
    1. Multi-way Directional Control Valve, LBF Series Basing on the internationally advanced load sensing and flow distribution technique, accompanied with the typical features of hydraulic systems used for engineering machinery, Changjiang Hydraulic has developed the LBF series multi-way directional valve, which has won us a patent. LBF (means flow proportion allocation) is our registered trademark.

Pilot Valve

    1. Pilot Valve, WBF Series WBF series pressure reducing proportional pilot control valve is a hydraulic control component developed for full-hydraulic excavators in the domestic industry. It is suggested to be operated gently to achieve sensitive and accurate control. The valve is of high reliability, easy maintenance, as well as good proportional control and secondary pressure reducing performance.
    1. Pilot Valve, QBF Series QBF series pressure reducing proportional pilot valve is developed especially for the hydraulic system of full-hydraulic crane. It features small volume, multi electric control buttons (8 at most), easy operation, sensitive control, reliable performance, and convenient maintenance.
    1. Pilot Valve, B Series Employing the technique introduced from Liebherr (a world leading excavator manufacturer in Germany), B series pressure reducing proportional control valve is designed especially for applications in excavator and other construction machineries.