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Non-standard Hydraulic Cylinder

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Cylinder for Drill, Hydraulic Cylinder for Pile Driver, Customized Hydraulic Cylinder

Having been engaged in the hydraulic part field for over 50 years, Changjiang Hydraulic possesses rich experience and advanced techniques to develop hydraulic cylinders for shield machine, pile driver, garbage truck (dustcart), tuned car, drill, crane, and boat, etc. Particularly, we have obtained several patents for hydraulic cylinder’s buffering system, sealing system, corrosion prevention, multi-cylinder system, and servo cylinder techniques. The development of our high-pressure, high-speed special hydraulic cylinder has always been renowned in the Chinese hydraulic industry.

Changjiang Hydraulic is competent in customizing various hydraulic cylinders according to clients’ requirements, with the cylinder bore ranging from 20mm to 700mm, and the working pressure from 16MPa to 40MPa (up to 100MPa at most). The max stroke of single-stage cylinder is 10m, and at most 5-stage structure is available for multi-stage cylinder. The cylinders developed by Changjiang Hydraulic have been widely applied in engineering, mining, lifting, transportation, metallurgy, sanitation, and ship machineries, as well as in various hydraulic systems.

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