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About Changjiang Hydraulic

Changjiang Hydraulic is a senior hydraulic part manufacturer whose history can be traced back to 1937. We are dedicated to offering various high-quality hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic systems, etc. In 1964, we created a hydraulic component factory and began our business in this field since then.

Changjiang Hydraulic possesses 2 subsidiaries: Chengdu Changye Machinery Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Tiancheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Our product catalogue incorporates multi-way directional valve, axial piston pump, hydraulic gear pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, and hydraulic system, etc. These products are widely applied in engineering machinery, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction, metallurgy, oil, and ship industries. Besides, Changjiang Hydraulic provides comprehensive one-stop solutions according to clients’ actual needs.

Changjiang Hydraulic has ever provided hydraulic stage lifting system for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics and the Beijing 2008 Paralympics, as well as hydraulic grab system of crane for the Three Gorges Dam Project. The 2 products mentioned plus our multi-way load sensing valve have been awarded by BOCOG and won the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.


After moving from the Shanghai Engineering Hydraulic Component Factory in 1964, we became the first batch of factory in China to fabricate hydraulic components. In 1986, we started our systematic research on the integrated application of energy saving and load sensing technology in various engineering machineries, and have witnessed fruitful achievements: we have successively applied the load sensing, flow allocation, electro - hydraulic proportional control, fretting characteristic, and anti - interference techniques in cranes and bulldozers, among other machineries. About 50 years’ research on hydraulic components has endued Changjiang Hydraulic with the abundant experience in product designing and producing, as well as the powerful capacity of developing hydraulic components, hydraulic systems, and automatic electromechanical liquid automatic control system.

Research Capacity

Changjiang Hydraulic is now stuffed by over 700 people, among which there are more than 100 technicians. We own provincial technical centers and hydraulic part testing centers. All of the core processing and inspection instruments are imported from reliable brands. We utilize dimensional, collaborative and hydraulic simulation analysis and design software like ERP/CAD/CAPP/PDM to construct a component modularization and technology integration system. With near 50 years’ research, we have grasped many state of the art techniques, including load sensing, flow proportional allocation, electro - hydraulic proportional control, fretting, anti-interference, energy saving, simultaneous, buffering, sealing, large and servo proportional hydraulic system, system integration, deep hole processing, and high-pressure multi-way valve casting. We have got over 20 patents.

After a relocation (taking up 320mu), we conducted a large scale modification on our core techniques to further improve the company’s development and production capacity.

a. Technical Team:
105 engineering and technical personnel, 12 experts including professors, researchers, and PhD Tutor

b. Technical System:
Technology center (provincial technology center, provincial engineering technology research center) → product research & development + manufacturing process design and process control + test center (the only hydraulic part test center in southwest China)

R&D Process

a. We utilize various simulation tools like SOLIDWORKS, FLUENT, and AMESIM to research and analyze the materials stress, strength, flow, pressure flow distribution, valve, and the dynamic response of feedback system. On this basis we design the digital MockUp to perform failure mode analysis and design improvement
b. Equipment for simulation test
c. PDM system: product data management for the whole life circle

Achievements & Awards

Backbone in the Chinese hydraulic industry
China leading enterprise of high-performance hydraulic parts
High-performance hydraulic parts engineering research center in Sichuan
Luzhou academician (expert) workstation center
Industry standard setting body
China Hi-tech enterprise
Sichuan innovative company
Advanced innovative enterprise in hydraulic industry
Enterprise technology center of Sichuan
Sichuan famous brand product: middle/high pressure gear pump/cylinder, multi-way directional valve
Top 20 of Sichuan largest machinery manufacturing enterprise
ISO9001 quality system and oil API certification
Export and import management right
23 patents, and 1 innovation patent
20 provincial, municipal and industry science & technology prize

Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Components Co., Ltd.

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