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Developing History

May, 1937
The person in charge of Baoyuantong Xingye Limited Company, Xiao Zeke, and the representative of Qijiang Dongyuan Industrial Company decided to invest 100 thousand yuan (Fiat Money) to create Lianyi Pot Industry Company.

April, 1951
On behalf of Lianyi, Xiao Zeke submitted an application to the government, asking to turn Lianyi to a state-owned enterprise. On 1st May, the Chuannan Administrative Area approved the application and classified Lianyi to the Chuanna Industrial Office. Factory code: 401. In August, Lianyi was renamed to Chuannan 1st Machinery Factory.

November, 1964
The first Ministry of Machine Industry announced in (64) 3312 File: expanding the Luzhou General Machinery Factory to a factory specially producing hydraulic components.

November, 1970
On 19th November, the Sichuan Machinery Industry Bureau consented to change the factory's name to Changjiang Hydraulic Components Factory.

November, 1972
The Sichuan Machinery Industry Bureau approved to establish Changjiang hydraulic component research center.

November, 1980
The ZS1-L20E multi-way directional control valve was rates as Sichuan quality product.

March, 1983
The factory officially signed the "gear pump technology transfer contract" with Vickers in Beijing. The contract was approved in the 015 File and came into effect in the same year in July.

September, 1983
Our factory was considered as the 284th state's key technological transformation enterprises in the Sixth Five-Year Plan by the State Council.

June, 1990
We got the first prize in the first hydraulic contest held by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department in 1989. Next year in November, we won the first again.

December, 1990
The G20, G30 series high-pressure hydraulic gear pumps were awarded with the second prize by Sichuan Machinery Industry and were rated as Sichuan quality products, and our G5, GPC4 series got the third prize. The program Research on the Introduction of High-Pressure Gear Pump was awarded with the second prize by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department.

October, 1993
Our factory was listed in the National Large-Scale Second-Class Industrial Enterprise by the State Economic and Trade Commission and other 5 institutions. In November, the National Bureau of Statistics sent a congratulatory note that, Changjiang Hydraulic Component Factory ranked 287 among the top 500 largest machinery factories in China.

March, 2000
Changjiang Hydraulic Component Factory was certified by ISO9001 quality management system.

August, 2003
Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Components Co., Ltd. was established.

September, 2004
We were recognized as Sichuan High-tech Enterprise.

March, 2005
The technology center of Changjiang Hydraulic was rated as a provincial technology center.

December, 2005
We produced various large servo proportional control hydraulic systems, including the hydraulic grab system of crane for the Three Gorges Dam Project, the hydraulic loading system for the state grid 1000KV tower test station, the 24m, 32m hydraulic internal box-grieder system for high-speed railway, and the hydraulic system for DYY300 crane. These hydraulic products were award with the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award.

July, 2007
The hydraulic cylinder developed by Changjiang Hydraulic for Tunnel Boring Machine was accepted by KOMATSU (China).

December, 2009
The national high-tech industrialization base of high-performance hydraulic parts was founded in Luzhou. This base was identified in the [2009]695 File by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and constituted by Changjiang Hydraulic and other related enterprises.

October, 2010
The Super Large Hydraulic Cylinder Program of Changjiang Hydraulic won the National Hydraulic Industry scientific and technological progress second prize.

August, 2014
Changjiang Hydraulic was listed among the top 10 largest hydraulic cylinder enterprise in 2014.

November, 2014
The Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province agreed Changjiang Hydraulic to establish Sichuan High-Performance Hydraulic Part Engineering Technology Research Center.

December, 2014
On 30th December, the Shuixiu "Hanshou" Theater with 2000 movable seats was premiered successively. It is the first theater in the world to adopt movable and liftable seats. This marked that the stage hydraulic system designed by Changjiang Hydraulic was out into application.

December, 2015
Changjiang Hydraulic was approved to establish academician (expert) workstation center.

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