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Hydraulic Gear Pump & Motor

    1. Hydraulic Gear Pump, CBG-Fa2 Series CBG-F2, CBG-Fa2 series high-pressure hydraulic gear pump is a newly developed product in Changjiang Hydraulic as a replacement for CBG2 gear pump. Its mounting dimension is the same with that of CBG2 series. But the working pressure and performance of CBG-Fa2 is superior.
    1. Hydraulic Gear Pump, GPL4 Series Basing on the computer programming and the finite element analysis technique, we choose the optimal design parameters to improve the working pressure of gear pump, to lower the noise during running, and to sustain the pressure stability and output efficiency.
    1. Hydraulic Gear Pump, CBK Series CBK series high-pressure gear pump is a vital part in hydraulic system. It adopts DU bearings with high loading capacity and aluminum alloy housings of high strength. The pumps are distinguished for high working pressure, wide speed range, various displacement choices, small volume, light weight, reliable performance and convenient maintenance, etc.
    1. Hydraulic Gear Motor, CMK1 Series CMK1 series hydraulic gear motor is an actuating component in hydraulic system, incorporating high-strength aluminum alloy housings and DU bearings with high loading capacity. It features high pressure, wide speed range, various displacement options, simple structure, reliable performance and easy maintenance.
    1. Hydraulic Gear Pump, CBY Series CBY series hydraulic high-pressure gear pump works as a driving part in a hydraulic system. It is made up of high-strength ductile iron housing, DU bearings of large bearing capacity, and floating side panel. This kind of hydraulic pump is characterized by high pressure, various speed options, simple structure, reliable performance, and long service life. It can be used in serial.
    1. Hydraulic Gear Pump, GPC4 Series GPC4 series high-pressure hydraulic gear pump is designed with the technique introduced from Vickers and has been modified in its inner structure by Changjiang Hydraulic. With high-strength Aluminum extruded shell, DU bearings of large bearing capacity, and floating side panel structure.

Hydraulic Valve

Hydraulic Cylinder

    1. Hydraulic Cylinder, HSG Series HSG series double-acting single-rod hydraulic cylinder is the actuator of reciprocating linear motion in hydraulic system. It features simple structure, reliable performance, convenient assembly, and easy maintenance, etc. In addition, buffering devices and several connecting styles are available for option.
    1. Non-standard Hydraulic Cylinder Having been engaged in the hydraulic part field for over 50 years, Changjiang Hydraulic possesses rich experience and advanced techniques to develop hydraulic cylinders for shield machine, pile driver, garbage truck (dustcart), tuned car, drill, crane, and boat, etc.

Hydraulic System

    1. Hydraulic System The hydraulic systems Changjiang Hydraulic has developed are mainly to serve some national key projects, like railway construction and ship building. For example, the 400t/500t hydraulic grab system designed by our company was applied in the Three Gorges Dam Project.

Axial Piston Pump

    1. Hydraulic Axial Piston Pump, CJA10VSO Series CJA10VSO series swash plate type hydraulic axial piston pump is applied in open-loop hydraulic system. Its flow, driving speed, and displacement are designed to be in proportion. Users can control the stepless variable by adjusting the inclination of the swash plate.