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Service Commitment

1. Changjiang Hydraulic has set up a comprehensive quality management system in compliance with the GB/T19001-2008 standards. This system helps to ensure the quality and reliability of our hydraulic parts.

2. Changjiang Hydraulic promises that, our manufacturing process is conducted in full accordance with the drawings and the technical agreement clients have consented. The raw materials we purchase are in conformity with the national standards. Besides, we will design and modify the production technique to improve our hydraulic systems’ performance.

3. On the basis of quality assurance, Changjiang Hydraulic always tries our best to provide the best pre-sale, sales and after sales service.

4. We provide 12 months of ‘Three Guarantees’ service for our hydraulic parts’ quality. The guarantee time shall be calculated since the products are shipped. At the same time, considering that the sealing performance of hydraulic products is affected by the storage time, the finished products are allowed to be stored in our warehouse for at most 3 months. That is to say, the ultimate guarantee time shall be ended within 15 months since the product is marked with a nameplate (referring to the protocol is there is one).

5. During the guarantee period, if there is any quality issue under proper use, we will replace or repair the product for free. Out of that period, we will offer the broken hydraulic accessories or maintenance service at a discount if the damage is not attributed to a quality issue.

6. Besides, Changjiang Hydraulic is glad to offer free training service for product commissioning and operation.

7. Any customer feedback will be responded within 12 hours. If we can’t solve the problem by phone, we will arrange technicians to clients’ construction site for assistance.


Different models of hydraulic components are placed in classification for the convenience of packaging.


Carton packing

Packaging with laminated wood

Packing with pallets

  • Shipping by air

  • Land transportation

  • Shipping by sea

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